Sounds awesome? well, wait till we finish the app 😎!

CLEAN ARCHITECTURE!!… what is that mean? Ok, let us slowly explain some of the most important facts about it, shall we?

I assume you’ve already built apps whether using Flutter, Native, or anything else.. we usually don’t focus on how the data flow is working, writing independent data layers, separation of code, the real use of OOP, testing, features scaling, …etc.

All we want is finishing the app as soon as possible for shipping it out, BUT what if in some cases we’re building a big project that has multiple…

Hi, everyone.. today’s article will be a little bit small but it could save you lots of time.

So, let’s firstly talk about Flutter code.. it’s awesome I know 😄, but ever tired of writing nested objects which may get longer and you just started building a small widget that may consist of (Card, Text, Padding, …etc)?

Well, many people nowadays complains about this little matter and some of them may even hate the entire framework for that!! (DO NOT DO THAT!) 🙂

Now, with all of that being said.. developers have provided an incredible solutions to simplify the…

Almost anything in Flutter is optimized and enhanced by default as you may already know, thanks to the Flutter teams in which they’ve provided us a very useful dev tools that helps us optimize our app more efficiently.. but we’re not gonna be talking about any of these tools and how to use them, instead we’re gonna be talking about how should we write that proper piece of code which deals with memory a little bit more carefully and efficiently.

What this series is all about?

It may look that one single article is enough to cover all of the entire topic but it could be…

Have you prepared your coffee ‘☕’ ? You gonna need it 😎

Hi, this is the final part of this series.. and if you haven’t read my previous parts (1 & 2).. then you should definitely check them out and read them before continuing with us since lots of things we discussed.

So I firstly encourage you to check them

What this part is about?

In this part, we’re gonna be talking about database 😆.. Hmm database? will I have to write queries by my self 🤔? or lots of lines I have to write?


New article means new journey 😎!!

Hey, welcome again in another part of this interesting series, if you haven’t read my previous part then I advise you to check it out right a way because I explained the most important basic things and facts about Clean Architecture and how we setup the starting project.

What this part is about?

In this part, we gonna be diving very deeply into how we will implement the remote side.. what’s that mean?

Well, it means we’re not gonna be talking about the local database but instead we’re gonna be talking about the APIs…

At the beginning, let’s talk a little bit why we need the localization and multiple languages.. Well, it’s important if you need your app to grow up, reach more people, to be interactive with different cultures and so on.

So it’s very important to include multiple languages in your app especially if your app is an e-commerce app or something like it.

What we’ll do?

We’ll achieve this little app using flutter localizations and flutter bloc

What do I mean?

Well, hello again in another exciting article and this time is about a major updates that have been done in the last few weeks and I’ve been busy to write an article or demo about it.

Enough talking and let’s see what Felix Angelov (creator of bloc) did in the flutter_bloc v6.0.0.

Now, as we all know that there is a state management library called flutter_cubit by the same create of the bloc and been widely used by many flutter developers and it has its own approach if controlling and managing the state using dart streams.

What happened is that…

Hi there, this is an exciting article because we’re gonna be talking about ANIMATIONS (simply) in Flutter.

I’ll also discuss how I built a simple Radial Progress and how we’ll learn to animate it simply.

You may wonder why BLoC? do I need an AnimationController? a StatefulWidget maybe?

So, let me firstly make it clear enough for you.. The reason why I chose the BLoC pattern not because we’ve some heavy logic to do or handling some data since we’re dealing only with animations right? …

Hi, This is my first Medium article and I wanted to share with you few things I know about the BLoC design pattern.. so let’s jump to it.

Firstly, I assume that you already know what state management means and all of the reactive programming such as Provider, Redux, MobX or Bloc.

Then, this article will cover how we can handle the local & global state management in our apps using Flutter and Bloc.

I’m using the Bloc VS Code extension to make it easier and quicker when generating a bloc, so here I created new bloc using the extension…

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